Non-Surgical Rejuvenation | Manhattan, NYC

If you are searching for non-surgical rejuvenation in Manhattan, look no further. Dr. Konstantin, a double board certified surgeon, offers many solutions to help you recapture your youth. You’ll be feeling and looking better through a variety of non-invasive procedures that produce dramatic effects. While Dr. Konstantin is a true artist who can deliver a gamut of services ranging from rhinoplasty to face lifts and more, he also realizes the importances of providing short and sweet procedures that deliver results to anxious clients. You may be uncertain about trying cosmetic procedures and non-surgical rejuvenation is a good starting point. Dr. Konstantin will be only too glad to meet with you and discuss all of the possible alternatives.

Set up your consultation now for an appointment to discuss non-surgical rejuvenation in Manhattan. Dr. Konstantin will perform an examination and provide you with his skilled assessment of your needs. Open your heart and willingly discuss your areas of concern as well as the types of improvements you would like to see when you place yourself in his capable hands. Time stops for no one and leaves its mark on our appearance. You may find lines on your forehead or around the eyes. There may be lines around the nose and mouth. Your lips may not have the plump fullness of your younger years. There is no need to fret when Dr. Konstantin has many procedures that are not invasive, have positive results, and will take little of your time.

Non-surgical rejuvenation in Manhattan involves a variety of injectables. Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, and Radiesse are extremely popular with high rates of success. When injected into different areas of the skin, you can expect to have your wrinkles diminished, more fullness where it is necessary, and a more youthful appearance that will endure for a prolonged period of time. While this method isn’t permanent, many satisfied clients would choose injectables over having a more involved, surgical procedure. In addition, they can be performed quickly with little down time out of your day. You may also be able to have fat transfer in which fat is taken from different areas in your body and injected into your face. This is a natural way to improve your appearence.