Reconstructive Surgery Expert | Manhattan, NYC

Dr. Konstantin, a double board certified facial plastic surgeon performs reconstructive surgery in NYC for patients who have suffered trauma to their face. This is often due to cancer, injuries and deformities from birth. Dr. Konstantin’s strong education and credentialed background coupled with his artistic and creative qualities as a reconstructive specialist, allows him to recreate and sculpt a face for functionality while being aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Each case the doctor takes on requires an approach that is unique and personalized to each patient, depending on the trauma that is involved. He also participates in the Face-to-Face program, which helps battered women regain their self-esteem by improving their appearance. Most often his services in this program is for facial rejuvenation, however, at times it is trauma at the hands of the offender that require his expert services to restore a more beautiful face back to the battered woman.

Some of the challenging procedures the doctor is well versed in are scar reduction and removal through surgery and laser treatments. Oftentimes, skin grafts are part of the process in restoring the face back to a more natural appearance. There are several methods involved in skin grafts and Dr. Konstantin, with his experience and expertise, utilizes the different grafting methods to help in the restoration, both functionally and aesthetically.

Nerve damage to areas of the face is another especially challenging feat for any plastic surgeon. For Dr. Konstantin, his understanding of the complete face with the underlying areas of structure and nerves is in many instances able to reconnect or reroute nerves back to functioning in the face. Eyelids that were once unable to blink properly, causing dryness and infections are restored back to functioning as they were intended.